Dive Bomber NAMM Rebalution Announcements!!!

by Catfish on December 22, 2015

Hello everyone! We are really excited to update you today on all of the latest Dive Bomber news!! There are so many things going on right now its hard to know where to start. So lets begin by thanking all of the more than 100 members of the Dive Bomber Nation that showed up for our huge show with Armored Saint last month!! Thank you all SO MUCH!!! It was an amazing show and we got a lot of great footage for the new music video!
Speaking of the new music video, Dive Bomber is THRILLED to announce that we will be releasing our new music video and first single called “World of Fire” off our new album at NAMM 2016 next month! This video was shot at Comic Con and the Armored Saint show and we are really looking forward to releasing it next month on Thursday, Jan 21st. That is also the day before our next show!

Dive Bomber would like to invite you to the 2016 NAMM Rebalution!!!

We will be performing at The Tiki Bar in Costa Mesa on Friday night of NAMM, Jan 22nd with the World Famous Junkyard! Tix are now available online and are only $20! You can purchase them here:

We will not only be releasing our new single and music video, we will be shooting another new music that night for our new song Rebalution! This song is going to be featured in an upcoming indepenant movie called Alien Shadows which Nomad is also starring in with a duel lead role!! The whole night is going to be incredible (how could it not, it’s the NAMM convention!). Fortunately, you don’t need a pass to come see the show. But if you have a pass, hit us up! We will be at the convention on Thursday, Friday and Saturday and filming additonal footage for the new music video!

In addition, Dive Bomber is about to release our new Iphone and Android in the next couple weeks! You’ll get streaming music (the entire Pinups in Parachutes album plus the new single!) as well as quick access to our videos, latest news, pictures and other exclusive content. So get ready and we will let you know as soon as it is available in the App Store for Apple and Google! It should be launched on or before the first week of Jan!

We hope everyone in the Dive Bomber Nation will join us on Friday, Jan 22nd at the Tiki Bar to help us create the new music video and celebrate the release of “World of Fire”! It’s going to be an amazing weekend and great start in what is promosing to be an incredible year for Dive Bomber! See you then!!!

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