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Dive Bomber is really excited to announce our new music video for the first song off our forthcoming album, America the Beautiful! It’s called World of Fire! We hope you dig it! Our next show is Saturday, February 20th at Marquee 15 in Corona California! See you there!!!

Here are the lyrics:

Im a bird
Im a plane
Painted man insane
Brain like cocaine
Osborne on a crazy train
Here come the lizard king
Cuz i can do anything
Paint this SD fire inferno I bring
RING LIKE the Lord of
Power it is love
Give u a digum smack
Electro shock mega track
Pack up these show halls
Cuz i got sum big balls
TARGETS and shopping malls
Bring sticks and marshmallows
we paint a

The painted man has a plan 2 burn the land
Kick like Jackie Chan Kill Hooks like Peter Pan
All of these rules I decree need to burn down I am a human torch, i burn all around
Gotham to La La
Paint the Ritz corridor
Gathering Bombers I need sum more of ya
Angels of Hell fire Clash of all titans
This is Excitin Like Thing and Hulk fightin

San Diegos on fire 2night
New york is on fire 2night
Seattles on fire 2night
New havens on fire 2night

GODzilla fire mouth Burnin the north and south
I got things to say im gonna spit it out
Smokey the bear can’t stop Burnin from bottom to top u better all a cop Salivia is gasoline Lean mean fightin machine Heavy wt champion belt Tasmanian Devilin Make sure my proverbs are felt Dealin wheelin stealing the spot light WOLVERINE SABER TOOTH Ignite the eternal fight
Sd is on fire 2night
New york is on fire 2night
Seattles on fire 2night New havens on fire 2night
Texas is fire 2night
The Bronx is on fire 2night
La la land is on fire 2night
Lets paint a world of fire

Hollywood is on fire 2night
Lets paint a world of Fire

Dive Bomber NAMM Rebalution Announcements!!!

December 22, 2015

Hello everyone! We are really excited to update you today on all of the latest Dive Bomber news!! There are so many things going on right now its hard to know where to start. So lets begin by thanking all of the more than 100 members of the Dive Bomber Nation that showed up for […]

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The Latest Dive Bomber News!

October 17, 2015

Hello everyone! We are really excited that we are only a month away from our show with Armored Saint! Dive Bomber will be direct support that night and we have already sold 50 tickets to the show. We expect this show will sell out so if you want to be sure to get tickets (and […]

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Dive Bomber is opening for Armored Saint on Sat Nov 14th at M15!

September 5, 2015

Dive Bomber is excited to announce that we will be direct support for the legendary Armored Saint on Saturday night, November 14th at Marquee 15 in Corona Ca! This is an ALL AGES show and tickets are $22. We have a limited supply so please visit this page to get yours today as this show […]

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We are playing Comic Con!

July 2, 2015

July 9th! We are shooting our new music video World of Fire and we want you in it! For details call Nomad 8602095322

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So far so good on our new CD

March 15, 2015

New Cd is coming out Great! 4 more songs on the chopping block Drop the bomb, hands of time, New tomarrow, World of Fire PRepare Bomberzzz! Itsa comin!

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Willie Psycho and Dive Bomber in PB? YEeeeeees

January 15, 2015

Dive Bomber returns to San Diego on February 21st with a special ALL AGES show in Pacific Beach! And first show legally as Catfish..hahaha. Come out to this show! It’s gonna be SICK. Willie Psycho will be there to make sure you have a good time!! Bands and DJs till the early morning hours!

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Dive Bomber Party at NAMM!!!!

January 8, 2015

Details to come!

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Dive Bomber/ Willie Psycho ready to Take Oca PB

December 29, 2014

Dive Bomber returns to Pacific Beach on Friday Jan 9th with Willie PSYCHO! All ages show at Legend Records!! It’s gonna be a SICK night of ROCK!!!

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